A & B Motors

Dave challenges anyone in the area to beat his prices!!

A & B Motors offers all mechanical services other than tires.

American * Japanese * European * Trucks * Cars * Vans * SUVs…you name it!

Services offered by A and B Motors, but not limited to:

Factory Scheduled Maintenance 30,000-90,000

  • Tune-Ups
    • Change Plugs
    • Change Wiring
    • Check Injectors 
    • Check Plug Wires 
  • Auto Maintenance
    • Oil Changes
    • Tranny Service
    • Change Heater Cores
    • Change Water Pumps
  • Brake Work
    • Turn Drums
    • Change Pads
    • Brake Repairs
    • Change Rotors
    • Repair Master Cylinders

  • Free Estimates Available
  • Run-ability
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical restoration
ASE Certified


There is no project we will not give our specialized attention to.

Dave offers pick up and drop service while you are having your vehicle repaired.

Dave and a customer
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Superior cheerful service

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